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Friday, October 25, 2013

Start Time Change!

Tomorrow morning's Around the Bay loop will start one hour later than normal. The chilly weather is the main reason for this late change. Please make a note if you are planning on riding...otherwise you may be the only one showing up at 7am.

Here's the details:

Maygarden and Summit at 8am for the group fave Around The Bay!
Pace will be moderate with two rest stops during this 65 miler.
Temps are forecast to be 50s at start and mid 60s by the time we finish up. Sunny skies with a breeze out of the north.

See you at 8am at Maygarden and Summit and/or I'll...

See you out on the road,

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Our ride this morning has been delayed until 10am. See you at Maygarden and Summit at 10am for a modified version of the Twisted Pine Forest Loop.

Go back to bed...

Saturday, June 22, 2013


With the discovery of this weekend's Super full moon (14% larger due to 30,000 miles closer), we have decided after much consultation and at great personal expense...more than you know, to reimplement the all time fave Full Moon Ride for Sunday evening leaving from Casino Beach Parking Lot at 7pm or Park West (Chicken Bone Beach Parking Lot) at 7:15pm!

If you've never ridden one of these, you are really missing out. The weather forecast looks perfect and the sunset on the way out to Fort Pickens should be gorgeous and, of course, the full moon over the Gulf of Mexico on the way back is always a fabulous treat! And tomorrow evening a 14% more fabulous treat! So, come on out for this easy to moderate pace ride of about 20 miles. (shorter from CBB) It may be the only Full Moon Ride we do this riding season...

See you out on the road,

Friday, April 26, 2013

Some Commentary And A Route Change

Tomorrow's weather looks absolutely ideal for a outing with the cast of unusual characters. Temps are forecasted to be in mid to upper 60s at start time and topping out in mid 70s by the time we finish up...perfect! Well, our Rides Calendar has scheduled the Molino Hill Too Far loop for tomorrow, but since we just did that a couple weeks ago, the powers that be have changed the route for tomorrow's perfect weather. Therefore, we are going Around The Bay! It all starts at 7am at Maygarden and Summit for this 65 miler. (Although, there will be a shorter version for anyone wanting to spend less time in the saddle...about 50 miles.) Regardless of your derriere's preference, we will all start together and maintain a moderate pace until the "parting of the ways" in Pace where the short group turns right and the long group turns left.

Really looking forward to the ride in the morning. It seems it's been so long since we have had a Saturday morning ride that wasn't cold, windy or both. Tomorrow should be none of the above! Uh...with the exception of course of the infamous Gargoyle Point Bridge crossing. Seems the day can be as calm and quiet and you hit that bridge and it's blowing a gale...and always a headwind. Even if that's the case for the morning, that should be the only difficulty for the day's proceedings. Oh yeah baby, it's going to be epic!

And speaking of epic; anyone enjoy the TERAD the other night?! What a fantastic frisky ride. In fact, the Left Lane, (who himself was a marked man) sent in a bit of color commentary for your Friday morning reading enjoyment. So, heeeeere's Left Lane:

Great ride Tuesday night.  With Hoagie edging out the field I felt Like there had to be a write up.

The HOAGIE by a FOOTLONG (or 11 1/4")!!!

An awesome TERAD this week with a surprise winner. Great turnout with most of the usual Couc's and some new faces as well.   This was a TERAD that I (The Left Lane) almost see I had to pick up my Mom at the airport around 4:00 and of course the airline lost her bag so getting her home to the beach and back for the ride up to S&M (can I say that??) was going to be a close call.  In fact I dropped her off on P'Beach around 5:00 and just had to drive home to East Hill, get dressed, fill my bottles, and be 4.5 miles down the road by 5:30...Impossible you say??? Not!!!

I was not going to miss this TERAD for anything especially as I lamented after sighting the long missing, from the Peloton, "Big Motor" Keith Irwin riding a kids bike in business casual on the beach and missing another TERAD...I guess I can make an exception to my lament because it looked like he was heading in the direction of the SandShaker for a Pint!! Its not the same without the Big Motor to chase down Scenic Highway each Tuesday after the TERAD.

Speaking of "not the same", another local cycling favorite Johnny "Bugno" Dukes will be leaving us soon to head for a new opportunity in Monterrey California. The Peloton will not be the same without JB who has been a regular for many years and regularly joined me and Nestordamus and Happy on the wintertime LLEMUR rides as well as joining me and the Hoagie on my front porch for after ride beers.  He will be missed!!

The Ride:

The weather was perfect for riding... in the 70's with around 10mph SE wind.  Not many antics early on with Left Lane, Prenti, Tom and The Rocket doing most of the early work.  Hoagie did most of the pull on the long straight before Creighton. As we crossed Creighton none other than Johnny Bugno snuck by a slumbering peloton to take the "unannounced" sprint points.

As we crossed into the park the Left Lane toyed with a breakaway but with no help and realizing that "resistance is futile",  sat up and was reeled in by Murphy and the peloton around halfway down Burgess....Oh well.

So the peloton was all together at the light on 9th avenue as we headed into the wind and by the runway with the Brizzard Boys opening up a little gap at first then the peloton rejoining.  Johnny B Sr. (good to see he has recovered from his recent accident) pulled the group most of the way to Spanish with Left Lane finishing the leg and then Hoagie pulling us up Spanish toward Maygarden with a closely packed peloton jockeying for position...I felt like I was at Bristol in a NASCAR race as Johnny Rocket locked me in until I took the right line past the leaders as we neared Maygarden then Rocket & Coolio pinching me in as we turned onto Maygarden.  If we would have had fenders they would have been abangin!!!  Good Stuff!!

The pace had been pretty quick the whole ride and thankfully there was not the usual explosion of speed by "The Professionals" on Maygarden and most of the peloton was all together as we headed toward  the Air Terminal with Hoagie doing most of the work.  As we passed through the Esses the whole group was still together with the lead going back and forth until around 400 yards from the finish, and the Sprint was On.

No sprinter I, I sat up and watched the end of the ride from around 30 yards back and I believe the Hoagie took the checkered flag by a FootLong (that's 11 ¼" in Subway measurement) with a host of Couc's nipping at his wheel!!!

As we talked later over Yuenglings, Hoagie said he was surprised that the usual hammerheads did not edge him out ...but I was not surprised ...Hoagie had been rounding into shape and with the go faster finishing equipment touches....a new Black Giro wind tunnel tested helmet and the set of Conti 4000S GP tires with Chilis Negros which I had given him last week the outcome made sense.  Hoagie said "Nahhh, those guys must not have been trying".  I said, "Shut up and have another beer"!!

The Left Lane

The official final standings after much peering over the photo finish photos:
Gold: The Big Hoagie (by a Footlong)
Silver: Nestordamus aka: Nestor the Molestor
Bronze: The Vortex*

* It is rumored The Vortex was aided by the controversial Rockets Propelled Assist (RPA) at about 400 meters from the line. Rarely seen in professional races of the likes of Paris-Roubaix or the TERAD, it is strictly in violation of The Code. Although there is no photographic verification, there were more than one eyewitness to the fact. No formal complaint was actually lodged against The Vortex as this was the first time on the podium for him since the Crusher ran over him in the Terrible Full Moon Crash. And since The Vortex did not solicit the Johnny Rockets propulsion, the decision was made to let The Vortex retain the third place medal. A decision that delighted the fans! 

See you out on the road,

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Hill Too Far

For those of you who missed the ride this morning, you really missed it! The weather was absolutely fantastic and we had a great group for what turned out to be an epic ride. The ride, as you may know started from Maygarden and Summit at 7am and was supposed to be the Twisted Pine Forest Loop. However, once the group had formed at the launch pad, the Vortex throws out a suggestion for a different route. Although, still passes by Pine Forest, just misses out on some of the initial serpentine roads through the neighborhoods on the way there. After a short Q and A session, the unanimous decision was to try the new route. So off we go...

First we head north on Spanish Trail, then jog around to west on Johnson. We follow Johnson all the way to a right hander onto Chemstrand and a lefty on 10 Mile. Just before Hwy 29 we turn right and head north on 95A which we follow all the way to the rest stop in the quaint little burg of Molino. (tongue and cheek intended) Now, so far the young Jedis have maintained a very manageable pace at the front. Nate the Skate, Ashley "Hammeraker" Amaker, Rabbit Brett and Arkansas Michael took turns pulling along with The Prenti, Johnny Bugno and the Vortex. We generally were cruising along at 19-20mph...everyone seemed happy.

After the rest stop, we crossed Hwy 29 and took a quick left hander onto Crab Tree and then another left and another least I think that's what we did. Actually had to stop at one intersection to determine which direction to take. You see, the young Jedis had gotten ahead of the main peloton after a couple of uphill sections and had turned left. The rest of us, who came to the same stop sign about 2 minutes later, looked at each other as if to say, "Uh, I'm not sure that's the way home..." In fact, after viewing Johnny's Iphone app, we determined the correct way home was to the right. So we parted ways, although I'm sure the Jedis didn't realize it until several miles later.

Did I mention that the roads in that part of the County are absolutely delightful?! Our smaller peloton rolled along some of the nicest roads this rider has seen in this part of the country. We passed by a small school called Barrineau Park and shortly thereafter we entered the hills! They came one after another like waves in the ocean...uh, I'm talking big waves here! Yes, the hills were angry today my friends, like an old woman looking for boxes at the checkout line in Sam's Club! (I know this is a metaphor, but I actually witnessed this one day too.) The first hill the Clydesdale had a bit of difficulty but stayed with the main group. However, after another 3 or 4 (actually stopped counting) the big kahuna was off the back and singing to himself Stevie Wonder's "Slippin' out the back door..." Of course the words were changed to accommodate the situation. Great song, by the way, if you ever get dropped off the back. Good beat, kinda fun to make up words to and helps the miles pass. Especially if you are the only Clydesdale in the peloton on a hilly route. I'm just sayin'!

Well my friends, it was a hill too far. Really, it was probably several hills too far. But what a fantastic ride! And the route was one of the best I have ever ridden in this area. I had just under 70 miles as I pulled into the garage.

For those of you interested, tomorrow afternoon's ride from Bayview Park at 3pm will definitely be an easy spin! And with no hills...

See you out on the road,

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pine Forest With A Twist

Tomorrow morning we will meet at 7am at Maygarden and Summit for a new twist on an old favorite. I know, I know, we met at Maygarden and Summit last Saturday...well, that's correct, however, we did so because we moved the Rite Of Spring Classic back one week due to the cold temps. Therefore, we decided to keep the start location rotation in the same order and just screw this up for one week. (Whew, if that's more information than you really wanted or needed...I agree! If you want more information; tough. You'll get over it.)

Anyway, for those anal minds among us, the route tomorrow morning will be about 50 miles with an option for another 10 or so for those who may want it. Weather forecast looks very nice with temps in mid 50s at start and warming to almost 70 as we're wrapping it up on Maygarden. Sunshine aplenty!!!

See you in the morning for what shaping up to be a great ride with the cast of unusual characters!

Don't forget Sunday afternoon's Bad Mayo easy spin ride at 3pm at Bayview Park. Until then...

See you out on the road,

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

TERAD Today!!!

Before we get to the color commentary you all have been looking forward to since noon on Saturday, here is a short reminder of today's big event:


Okay, if you are like me, you have been waiting for this day since last November! Well my friends and fellow wheel suckers, (a term of endearment), the day has finally arrived and it's time to come out and play. I look forward to seeing all you COUCs out this evening for what will surely be a romp on the Super Figure 8 Loop with more antics, (and banter if Coolio shows his glazed donut face), than you've witnessed since the last TERAD back in 2012. Yes, my friends it's time for the 2013 TERAD season to begin!!!

As the Bad Mayo himself would declare, "Ladies and gentlemen; Light The Burners!"

Now for your Tuesday morning reading pleasure, a little commentary from the Left Lane: 

After the workout the peloton got on the  "Sort of Around The Bay" (most of the group taking the short route) ride of Saturday, the turnout for the Sunday Convoluted Bad Mayo Ride to the Westside was not very well attended this week.  This had The Left Lane licking his chops, with a good possibility for a third Fried Twinkie victory in a row....a Veritable Turducken...what the hey makes more sense than a Hat Trick (not growing up in the North...not sure of the origin of the term).  The Turducken (3 fouls in one)...or taking the Twinkie three rides in a row has never been accomplished per my review of the sketchy annals of the F&S record books....not even in the heydays of Crusher "Supermarket" Fox and The Vortex had this been accomplished...even though it has been reported that The Foxinator had snacked on Turducken from his special refrigerated jersey during a ride a few years ago.

This Sunday favorite was attended by The Vortex, Big Hoagie, Prenti, The Left Lane , and Chad Ocho???? ( needs a nickname).  Chad had just scored (stole) a new used bike from a military guy moving and needing to get rid of his bike and listing his bike on Craigslist....a Giant full carbon with durace group for $750!!! That's a steal...and I thought I got a good deal on my bike on Craigslist.

We had our usual excellent Sunday ride including the Romp Through the Swamp over the Wooden Wonder with the Left Lane flatting just over the bridge and Hoagie saying "you must of got a splinter".  We did not push the pace very hard and the group was saving it up for the Twinkie run in.  The wind was not favorable at the start but the Left Lane, cruising in the Left Lane to guage the wind, anticipated that as we turned to the final ½ mile or so the wind would shift to a more favorable direction.  With Prenit and Vortex doing leads and some side by side riding most of the way, the group kept a moderate pace.  But just as anticipated by the Left Lane the wind direction became more favorable ad we approached the Bridge run in.  With no one else pressing the lead, Left Lane upshifted and stomped the big gear kicking it up to around 27.  Fooled no one, as usual, with the entire group glued to my wheel and The Vortex and Hoagie Going by as we approached the first turn, and the Crafty Prenti keeping his powder dry and stuck to the Left Lane's wheel.  As the short burst of Vortex petered out and Hoagie pulled up (not wanting to slam it through the right hander) the Left Lane blew by with the Twinkie Bridge Prize in his grasp...or so he thought.....unfortunately with the right hander came the Teeth of around a 15mph Wind and although the LL left it all on the road this day the Patient Prenti used the draft to go by the struggling LL and edge him out at the line!!.  Of course the crowd was hugely disappointed that their favorite's bid for the Turducken was foiled, but being fickle as fans can be, they were reenergized by the rumor circulating that this was the Prenti's second Twinkie in a row having missed the previous two rides and that as soon as next week they would be back tailgating at Twinkie Bridge and rooting on the Prenti to the possibility of the first Turducken in F&S history!!!  Let's hope next time it is not "A Bridge Too Far" as it was this week.

A Great Twinkie sprint and the Peloton headed for the next points paying event....the Barrancas Bridge.  This event would be staged into the wind as well today with the Hoagie partaking in a regimen of  Double Secret hill climbing practice all week in Pace after his bitter disappointment a couple of weeks ago on this climb.  Once again the Left Lane did the lead out early on leading the group about half way up with first Hoagie blowing by and then Vortex hot on his heels and LL next.  The gaps were around 20 yards with Hoagie taking the climb the Vortex and LL. Well a shut out Left Lane not wanting to go home empty handed jumped on the big gear going down hill first reeling in the Vortex and then the Hoagie just before the hill bottom.  Then, not to be outdone, The Vortex poured it on passing the Left Lane just as the Main Street turn loomed....the crowd was going wild as the lead changed hands like "Passaround Patty"!!

Great riding, and with the peloton pretty much spent the rest of the ride was Noodle Time around the Ball Park the Waterfront and up Bayfront to Richey's.

A comment on Equipment:  After burning my Diadoras a couple of weeks ago and not wanting to ruin my feet in the Blue Bullitts my solution to a great shoe was solved by the Great Guys as Cycle Sports (Brian "Stoned" Stone).  I always have a problem with one foot smaller than the other and therefore buying shoes over the internet is always a crap shoot.  Well Brian does not stock the upper level full carbon shoes at the store because most people buy them on line these days(I think you have to buy Specialize Shoes only at Local Bike Stores though).  The Specialized Shoes are pretty much all sized the same, so even if Brian does not have the upper level shoe you want you can try on one of the Specialized Comp models and if you want an upgrade Brian can order the shoe you want and it will most likely fit you properly.  Sure beats the internet buying and returning windmill when a shoe does not fit correctly.  My shoe of choice was the Specialized Pro with full carbon sole....and I am loving it.  Great shoe and Brian got me a nice deal.

The Left Lane

Thanks for the color commentary Left Lane! And I'm sure Stoned is grateful for the "free" marketing. Just a note to the reader of this Blogazoidal; Sunday's rides are usually very moderately paced, if not just an easy spin. However, there wouldn't be much to write about if the sprints were at a blistering 12mph. Therefore, the appearance of the Sunday rides from Left Lane's commentary would give one the opinion that Sunday's are a hammerfest...gratefully they are not.
So, for those of you that have been considering riding on Sunday with us, come on out! You'll find the pace enjoyable and the banter amusing.

See you tonight and as always. I'll...

See you out on the road,